Dear Travelers,

First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you will follow along on our journey as we take our friends, family and each other to explore all the incredibly beautiful places our world has to offer.

We believe each destination we visit has the capacity to bring us closer to one another and profoundly impact the way we view the world and ourselves.

Our own travels have shaped our lives in many ways big and small and we know that our children are growing up to be more compassionate, adaptable, enriched and free of biases through the journeys we have taken together and those yet to come.


Our dream for this blog is to show you that traveling is not only possible but essential to leading meaningful lives and that whatever limitations you may believe stop you from taking the next journey can be overcome!

We know that travel can be financially strenuous, logistically difficult (especially when traveling with small children or elderly parents and grandparents) yet we can also attest to the fact that by overcoming those challenges you will find incredible opportunities for creating life-long memories and irreplaceable experiences.

We hope that one day you will share your story with us and thousands of other people all over the world just waiting for the right inspiration to change their lives through travel. We invite you all to take a journey with BTA, a full-service boutique travel company, awaiting the opportunity to transform your travels.


Please leave us your comments, questions or suggestions and we will do our best to answer them!!!

Travel Well,

Janet & Angie

Co-Founders of BTA


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